Section 6.6 – Mobilisation of the periphery of the mid-region fold

The next step is to detach the small intestinal mesentery and continuous right mesocolon

The small intestine is retracted to the right

Exposing the base of the small intestinal region of mesentery

The ileocaecal junction is also retracted to the right

This exposes the small intestinal region of mesentery at this level

The region where the small intestinal mesentery continues as the right mesocolon

Is obscured from direct view by the peritoneal reflection

At the peritoneal reflection, parietal peritoneum is reflected onto the small intestinal region of mesentery

This region of reflection is called the small intestinal region of the reflection

It is sharply divided through, beginning at the DJ flexure and continuing

Diagonally towards the ileocaecal level

The ileocaecal region of the reflection is identified and divided

After this, the undersurface of the mesentery becomes apparent with fascia underneath

Mesofascial separation enables further detachment of the mesentery from the posterior abdominal wall