Section 6.19 – Neck and body of upper region

The region of the mesentery between stomach and liver, is the ventral mesogatsrium

It is thin and smooth surfaced, and can be demonstrated by retracting the liver

And stomach in opposite directions

This is the ventral mesogastrium in a different cadaver

The portal pedicle, at the distal extremity of the ventral mesogatsrium

Was previously called the hepatoduodenal ligament

This ignores the relationship between the pedicle and the main body of the mesentery in general

A further space occurs beneath the ventral mesogastrium

This is demonstrated by first retracting the stomach to demonstrate the dorsal mesogastrium

Adhesions may be present between the stomach and mesogastrium and these can be divided

This exposes the space beneath the ventral mesogastrium

Placing a hand through the space opening, the fingers come to lie immediately beneath the

Ventral mesogastrium

This clip demonstrates the ventral mesogatsrium in cadaver 3

It is apparent between the lesser curvature of the stomach and the undersurface of the liver

The greater omentum has been separated from the greater curvature

When the stomach is rotated towards the liver, the dorsal mesogastrium is exposed,

The spleen is positioned at the lateral extremity of the dorsal mesogastrium

And when retracted medially, the posterior surface of the dorsal mesogastrium is apparent

Examination of the medial region of the dorsal mesogastrium

Will demonstrate two mesenteric pedicles

The portal and oesophagogastric pedicles

These coalesce at the lesser curvature of the stomach to complete an arch and continue as the ventral mesogastrium

Towards the liver

This clip demonstrates the pedicles in another cadaver

The dorsal mesogastrium

As well as mesenteric pedicles,

Are apparent

The proximal pedicle is at the oesophagogastric junction,

Where the dorsal mesogastrium coalesces around the OG junction

The distal pedicle and located at approximately the pyloric level

This is the portal pedicle

As previously mentioned

The pedicles merge at the lesser curvature of the stomach to form and arch

The pedicles are located at the extremities of the ventral mesogastrium