Section 6.16 – Mechanisms of connection and attachment

Removal of the mesenteric domain

Provides an excellent opportunity to explain

The mechanisms by which it is attached and connected before dissection

Peripherally, one has the reflection

The fascia is an intermediate mechanism in so far as it is positioned

Between the central region of connection, and the peripheral

Region of attachment

Central mechanisms of attachment include the vessels that

Make up the arterial inflow and venous drainage of the mesenteric domain

After detachment of the mesentery

It must then be disconnected by dividing these major vessels

The coeliac trunk and superior mesenteric artery are

Large in calibre at their origin

Where they are surrounded by a dense connective tissue

The inferior mesenteric artery is much narrower in calibre

But also arises from the anterior surface of the aorta

The divided edges of the inferior vena cava can be inspected

After removal of the mesenteric domain

The hepatic veins enter the inferior vena cava

And represent the main venous drainage of the mesenteric domain